Group Therapy + Needlepointing

hammer4sitethumbA therapy and needlepointing group at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. More Information »

Character Descriptions

hallwallsthumb2An exhibition involving my family members’ descriptions of themselves. More Information »

Giving and Taking

tonglenthumb4webAn attempt to turn darkness into lightness. More Information »

That’s My Side

A collaboration with my wife which involved hiring Danish actors to play us in a video. More Information »

External Internal Presentation

polizeithumb4siteAn artist talk that took place in the backseat of a German police car. More Information »


A brief conversation about art ideas.

More Information »

Unlicensed Therapist

Unlicensed Therapist consisted of creating a venue dedicated to conversation. More Information »

Some Parts Might Be Greater Than The Whole

dadandbear4siteAn exhibition created during a six-week residency at the Arizona State University Art Museum. More Information »


Service-Works provided a monthly project grant. The amount of each month’s grant was determined by how much money I earned as a waiter (on a specific night) in a fine-dining restaurant in San Francisco. More Information »

Sophie Calle’s Bed

I wrote to Sophie Called and asked to borrow her bed to help me through the break-up process. . . More Information »