Unlicensed Therapist

Unlicensed Therapist consisted of creating a venue dedicated to conversation.

In 2001, my collaborator and I produced a website that explained how unlicensed therapy differed from licensed therapy. Our philosophy and services were also detailed on the website. In addition to the website, we created an office space in San Francisco’s Mission district. We were operating with paying clients until we received a letter from the Board of Behavioral Sciences informing us that we were not allowed to practice unlicensed therapy without having a license.

This past spring I was asked to revive Unlicensded Therapist as part of an exhibition called Amateurs at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts. A small office was constructed in the gallery. During the opening I conducted sessions of varying lengths. I also held open hours for drop-in sessions and took appointments.

Unlicensed Therapist Office, 2008. Installation view.

Letter From Board of Behavioral Sciences, 2001.

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