That’s My Side

A collaboration with my wife which involved hiring Danish actors to play us in a video.

For an exhibition in Copenhagen, my wife, Renée Gertler, and I made a video that addressed couples collaborating. As a married couple nearly every aspect of our lives are fused. But despite the fact that we are both artists, the work that we each do is distinctly separate and our own.

That’s My Side is a dramatization of various conversations Renée and I had surrounding the challenge of how we might work together to produce an exhibition. The video was shot and edited entirely in Copenhagen over the course of four days. It features Danish actors, Penille Albæk Andersen and Jakob Knudsen from the Statens Teater Skole playing the roles of Renée and I. The video is in Danish with English subtitles.

That’s My Side

Video stills from That’s My Side.

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